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Raptors End of Season Awards 2018

This September The Raptors celebrated a season full of progress by recognising the efforts of several players who stood out in 2018.

Player’s Player of the Year: Ben Townsend
Captain Ben Townsend gets the players vote for excelling on the interior of both the offensive and defensive lines, playing the majority of snaps on both sides of the ball all season long.

Offensive MVP: David Laleye
The Raptors leading rusher in 2018, David Laleye also started 4 games at Quarterback due to injuries and was often The Raptors most dynamic player on offense.

Defensive MVP: Ben Townsend
Ben created pressure all year long at Nose Tackle, constantly commanding double teams from opposing offensive lines and setting the tone on defense.

Lineman of the Year: Ben Townsend
Ben held down the line on both offense and defense throughout 2018, starting every game at Offensive Guard and Nose Tackle.

Most Improved Player: John O’Connor
John O’Connor combined with Ben Townsend on the defensive line to form a formidable duo, while also pitching in at OL in a pinch.

Coaches Player of the Year: James Witchell
Another Raptor who played regular Ironman football, James led by example all season at Tight End and Linebacker, despite not playing in his usual defensive back position.

Clubman of the Year: Taz Bullard
Former Raptors lineman, Taz Bullard hung up his cleats to assist on the sideline in 2018, as well as facilitating much needed sponsorship.